Skills Training

If you are interested in training and want to know if you are eligible for government funding, please contact us.

We will help assess your eligibility and suitability for funding through the Skills Development Enhancement Benefit (SDEB). If you are eligible and suitable, we will assist you in completing the application package and will submit your request to the Ministry of Housing and Social Development.

Basic eligibility is determined by:

  • having an active EI claim,
  • establishing an EI claim, or
  • having received EI within the last 3 years (regular benefits) or
  • having received EI within the past 5 years (maternity/parental benefits).

Your suitability for training is determined by evaluating a number of factors. Each situation is unique, however we will consider things like:

  • your skills and credentials,
  • your work history,
  • your previous education and training,
  • financial need,
  • the type of training you want to do,
  • the labour market demand for that occupation,
  • your personal circumstances, and
  • your readiness to attend training.

It is our job to assess your eligibility and suitability and to help you understand the criteria that the Ministry looks for when evaluating applications. We do not approve requests for funding. Instead, we will help you put together the best application possible to submit to the Ministry.

If you are not eligible or suitable for training, we can help you explore other funding options including student loans, scholarships or self-funding.