About us

Training Innovations was started in 1992, to address the career development needs of individuals, as well as the human capital challenges of employers. Since then we’ve continually developed innovative—and most importantly—effective techniques for empowering people to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to move forward in their careers.

We work with governments, businesses and other organizations to deliver a full spectrum of career management services. For individuals, we help you find a job, re-direct your career, get training or improve your performance at work. For employers, we improve business results through workplace development and workplace learning programs tailored to your needs. We also partner with career development organizations to deploy and deliver e-career services through our e-Career Service Alliance.

Our engaging face-to-face delivery and unique facilitated e-learning technology enables us to design creative, cost-effective solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations.

At the heart of Training Innovations is an expert, passionate staff who are genuinely interested and committed to assisting people. We are dedicated to your success.

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