Online Solutions


Our e-career guidance and online learning solutions enable you to deliver interactive, ready-to-deploy solutions tailored to the goals of your organization. We can help you identify opportunities for integrating online services into your existing offerings and design a targeted solution that meets your service requirements and business objectives. Our highly effective and easy to use technology, along with our content library allow you to choose the service package that is right for you.

For over a decade, our team has researched pedagogic approaches and developed a technical learning platform for online career counselling and human development learning. We offer 7 years of practical experience delivering e-career services as well as ongoing improvements to our eVolve learning technology.

Training Innovations expertise is internationally-recognized - our pioneering practice was recently featured in an international research report, "Enhancing Choice? The role of technology in the career support market", commissioned by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and written by the International Centre for Employment and Guidance Studies. The report suggests that, "changes in technology have the potential to increase the efficiency of service delivery within the career support market, to enhance existing services, and to develop new paradigms of career support" (pg 1).