Online Services - Employment Program of BC

We have developed a suite of services that specifically meet the RFP requirements for the Province of British Columbia's new Employment Program of BC.

As a community employment service provider in BC with over 18 years experience delivering face-to-face and online services, we have used our knowledge of clients, the BC labour market, and programming models to offer this customized series of ready-to-be facilitated online workshops.

We can help you include easy-to-deploy online solutions in your programming models. Our online workshops and counselling services are designed to maximize person-to-person contact enabling intimate, engaging and effective interactions between career practitioners and clients. Our model is built on nearly a decade of research and emphasizes the benefits of purposefully designed a-synchronous text-based communication, counselling and learning.








To learn more about our pedagogical approach, view this paper on Online Career Counselling that Tannis Goddard presented at the International Association of Education and Vocational Guidance Conference in Bangalore, India in October 2010. In addition, e-Career Counselling - Reaching and Engaging Clients in a New Way is a brief article she published in Contact Point in 2008.