ASPECT Targeted Skills Shortage Program (TSSP)


The ASPECT Targeted Skills Shortage Program (TSSP) helps businesses and non-profit organizations grow the potential of their low skilled employees by providing access to government funded training. 

Eligible employees can access up to $1500 in training courses (maximum $7500 per employer).

Our staff will meet with you and your employee(s) to identify what type of training is required. We will then develop a training plan and coordinate the appropriate training courses.

Benefits of Skills Training for your Organization:

  • Training demonstrates your commitment to your employees' development 
  • Employees realize you are investing in them, they reciprocate with loyalty
  • Ongoing training helps to create the reputation of a great place to work and results in less absenteeism and a longer list of job applicants
  • Knowledgeable employees make fewer mistakes
  • Skilled employees will impress customers and encourage them to come back 
  • Increased ability for employees to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Training builds a motivated and committed team. It also creates a pool of qualified replacements for employees who do leave
  • Increases employee motivation, job satisfaction and morale

Are You Eligible?
In order for your organization to qualify for the ASPECT Targeted Skills Shortage Program you must have less than 100 employees and identify with one of the following industry sectors. For more information about these sectors click on the links below:

  • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services 
  • Healthcare & Social Assistance 
  • Transportation & Warehousing 
  • Manufacturing 

Program participants must be considered "growth employees" - individuals that need additional training for the workplace. Eligible employees do not have a high school diploma; or, have a high school diploma but lack recognized certification. 

Each eligible employee is able to participate in the program only once, however more than one employee from your organization can take part in the program at the same time.

As space is limited to 1,200 participants, don't miss the chance to train your eligible employees. Enrol your organization in the ASPECT Targeted Skills Shortage Program today!

How To Register

To register please call:
Nicole Cannon
at 604.512.4782
Kat Starosta at 604.362.2060

If you are an employee of a small business and want to participate, contact us and we'll help you communicate this opportunity to your employer!