Course Overview

Course Structure

As a learner in this course you will have access to Beyond Teamwork: Strategies for Collaboration in Your Workplace for a five-week period - July 15 to August 16, 2002. The course has been designed for completion within four weeks, however you will have access to the course content and the online "Interactive Community" for one additional week upon completion of the course.

This is a self-paced course and will involve you working through the information within each unit and participating in interactive activities with other learners in this course.

You can login to the course at any point in the day or night that is convenient for you.

There are a number of other learners participating in this course. These learners will also access the course and materials at times that are convenient to them. As a group, you make up your Learning Community.

Managing Your Learning

As adult learners, you will be managing your learning within the context of your life and work commitments.

As you review the course and the resources, remember that the materials are selected with the following priorities in mind:

  • To increase your knowledge of collaboration
  • To provide examples of electronic tools that can be used in the collaboration process
  • To provide an understanding of how to create a workplace that nurtures and fosters collaboration.

Make decisions in your learning that will support the above priorities. The goal of the activities and readings is not to be able to quote back the information for the sake of information. Instead, the goal is for you to interact with the course content and find application in your own workplace.

Before launching into the course material, we suggest that you first spend time familiarizing yourself with the electronic space. Feel free to click through the buttons on the menu to the left, explore the learning units, and review the Course Activities found at the end of this section.

The Interactive Community is where you will meet the other learners enrolled in this course. Take time to click on the Interactive Community button, enter your password information, and familiarize yourself with the layout and structure of that electronic space. You will be directed to that learning community section throughout the course.

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