Course Overview

Learning Objectives

The key learning objectives of this course are:

  • To explore communication patterns and practices within your workplace and work teams
  • To gain a broader understanding of teamwork and how effective teams can adopt collaborative practices
  • To learn the stages of team development and gain an understanding of the stage your work team is functioning at
  • To gain an understanding of collaboration and the impact it can have on the results of teamwork
  • To explore your previous experience with collaborative work and gain an understanding of the benefits it can bring to your work team
  • To participate in several collaborative activities using a variety of methods and communication technologies
  • To recognize how you can influence collaboration in your workplace
  • To create strategies that will influence collaboration in your workplace

Course Goal:

To gain an understanding of how to foster collaboration and develop strategies to influence collaboration within your workplace.

There are 3 learning outcomes for this course:

  • To increase your knowledge of collaboration
  • To provide examples of electronic tools that can be used in the collaboration process
  • To provide understand of how to create a workplace that nurtures and fosters collaboration

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