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To reflect on your learning and how you will apply this learning to your work

"Communication in this new environment (electronic) is not only effective - its fun." 6

During this course, you have had the opportunity to experience teamwork and see how online communication tools can enhance collaboration in your workplace. You have created strategies for influencing collaboration in your organization. Now it is time to reflect on what you have learned from participating in the course.

Reflection is the first step in the evaluation process. Your own observations and experience provide ample learning about teamwork and collaboration and how it is supported with the use of communication tools in your organization. The ideas and discussions shared in your online community contain a wealth of knowledge that you can continue to build on once this course is completed.

As you reflect on what you have learned throughout this course, consider the following questions:

  • How has your understanding of the concept of teamwork and its effect on the collaborative process changed?
  • What strategies will you consider implementing to support and encourage collaboration in your workplace?

Login to the Interactive Community under the Discussion Folder titled Checking Out, please share your comments about what you have learned.

Course Evaluation

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Collaboration is your tool to ensure success and creativity in your workplace!

6 Kostner, 2001, page 9

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