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To create strategies to foster collaboration in your workplace.

Throughout this course, you have been experiencing the benefits of collaboration and how interacting with others is an enriching experience. Some ways that you can encourage collaboration are:

  • Ask other team members to help and participate with you when you have a project to do.
  • Consult with others; ask probing questions of individuals that you consider experts or have expertise in a subject.
  • Seek out others who can offer rich insight into the challenges and or opportunities you are currently facing.
  • Share information. Start by sharing what you are learning and have learned while taking this course. Share it with others around you in your workplace.
  • Create a network of individuals that can provide insight, influence and knowledge in various areas of your workplace.
  • Respond to inquiries or requests for information, as you would like others to respond to you.
  • Strive to have open and candid conversations within the teams you work with.

How Can This Apply To Your Workplace?

Each time you choose to collaborate with others in your organization, both you and your organization change.

Reflect on your experience and learnings during this course. Consider the following questions:

  • How can you encourage collaboration in your workplace?
  • What strategies you will use to allow for collaboration?
  • How will you influence collaboration in your workplace?
  • How will you know that you have been successful in the collaboration process?

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