Career e-Volutions

At Training Innovations, we can make your career planning experience enjoyable and effective, through a unique career management program called Career e-Volutions.

Career e-Volutions is a convenient online program for job-seekers who want to explore their career options. Sponsored by the Province of B.C., Career e-Volutions is free to those who are currently working less than 20 hours a week, or are unemployed, and includes four key themes: Career Assessment, Exploring Options, Decision Making and Getting Work.

As you move through this program, you can expect a high level of one-on-one, real-time interaction with an expert e-Facilitator, as well as group interaction with other participants. Communication is made easy, through the use of a wide variety of online tools, including e-mail, chat, e-journal, and discussion forums.

The program is fully customizable. It is designed to be completed in four weeks, but individuals with competing commitments may work through the program when their schedule permits - days, evenings or weekends. In addition, the program is flexible, so you can focus more on the specific topics that you and your e-Facilitator determine are most relevant to your personal situation.

Once you’ve completed the program, you will have a clear job target, an action plan for finding work, and the necessary job search tools to promote yourself to employers. Last year, 80% of participants who completed our program found fulfilling employment or started a skills training program within 3 months of completion.