New Employee Training Program for Small Businesses

August 2009

The ASPECT Small Business Employee Training Program is focused on helping small businesses grow the potential of their lower-skilled workers by providing access to government-funded training courses that are tailored to the needs of small business.

Training Innovations is pleased to deliver this program to eligible businesses in Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler. Eligible businesses have less than 50 employees and have "growth employees" that would benefit from skills training. A growth employee is someone that does not have a high school diploma, or has a high school diploma but lacks accreditation or essential skills.

Training Innovations will work with employers to assess individual employee needs and develop a plan to access skills training. Each employee is eligible to receive up to $900 for training courses.

To learn more about this program please contact Nicole Cannon, Service Delivery Manager at 604.298.4720, ext 227 or via email at: