e-Volve Technology

The e-Volve learning platform is the result of our quest for a superior virtual learning and counselling environment.  We’ve developed the e-Volve software platform to provide a learner-centric, interactive web-based learning environment for personal development programming and soft skills training.

e-Volve is specifically designed to support counselling, coaching and soft skill development.  The platform is carefully designed to assist participants in acquiring knowledge, applying that to a personal situation, and then taking action to achieve the expected program and learning objectives.

Designed by career management experts and soft skill trainers, the methodology includes sound counselling and adult learning principles; assessment, learning, application, feedback, reflection, and finally meaningful personal understanding.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the online process is the ongoing, individualized support that can be provided much more cost efficiently than could be achieved face-to-face.  e-Facilitators are able to personalize the learning experience based on the participant’s individual needs, using a variety of interactive tools.

The e-Volve learning platform supports group or individual learning.  It’s suitable to 100% online delivery or as a supplement to face-to-face delivery.  It supports collaboration with a group or e-Facilitator, as well as learning activities and critical reflection.  Based on a solid technical infrastructure (relational database), e-Volve is a reliable, cost-effective foundation for delivering successful online personal development programming and soft skills training.