Employment Services

Training Innovations helps individuals achieve their work goals, manage their careers, and succeed in the workplace by designing and delivering quality community-based employment services sponsored by the federal and provincial governments. In fulfilling this mandate, we promote enhanced quality of life and labour market productivity in the communities in which we work.

Since 1992, we've helped more than 14,000 people return to work through our sponsored employment services.

We currently offer the following programs and services in BC:

Burnaby Employment Resource Centre (ERC)

Located near the Gilmore SkyTrain station, we offer one-on-one employment counselling and a drop-in Work Resource Centre.

Howe Sound Employment Resource Centre (ERC)

We offer one-on-one employment counselling in Squamish and Whistler, and a drop-in Work Resource Centre in downtown Squamish.

Career e-Volutions

This facilitated online program provides career planning and job search assistance to individuals who are unemployed or working less than 20-hours per week.


This individualized program helps highly skilled immigrants move quickly into jobs that match their qualifications.

Direct Connect

For employers looking for employees, our Direct Connect services provide effective ways to connect with job-seekers.