Course Overview

Course Activities

There will be two kinds of activities in this course: Independent Activities and Interactive Activities.

Independent Activities are activities that involve a review of resources and reflection on your workplace and or past experiences.

Interactive Activities are activities that involve dialogue with other learners related to the course content and resources.

The Independent Activities can be completed at your pace and convenience; however we have included a suggested timeline to follow for the Interactive Activities.

Course Timeline:

Interactive Activity #1 - Introductions

Complete by: July 17
Unit 1
no interactive activities
Unit 2  
Interactive Activity #2 - Successful Teams Complete by: July 19
Interactive Activity #3 - Team Building Complete by: July 24
Unit 3  
Interactive Activity #4 - Your Workplace Complete by: July 26
Interactive Activity #5 - Your Work Team Development

Complete by: July 26

Unit 4
Interactive Activity #6 - Collaboration & Teamwork Complete by: July 30
Unit 5
Interactive Activity #7 - Email Collaboration Complete by: August 7
Interactive Activity #8 - Tips for Using the Tools Complete by: August 8
Unit 6
Interactive Activity #9 - How to Encourage Collaboration Complete by: August 8
Unit 7
Interactive Activity #10 - Check Out

Complete by: August 9

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