e-Volve Features

e-Volve offers a variety of features to enhance the online experience for participants and facilitators. These features promote learning that is self-directed, interactive, and personally meaningful.

Key Learning & Counselling Features:

  • Facilitator announcements to keep the learning environment fresh
  • Discussion forums to support networking and a collaborative environment
  • Coaching forums for private dialogue between participants and their facilitator
  • Videos that enhance the content and learning materials
  • Private e-Journal for participants to collect and reflect on their experiences
  • Web Resources organized in relevant topics for participants and facilitators
  • e-File exchange for participants and facilitators to share and store documents
  • Bookmark feature to track information and move around the environment without getting lost
  • Facilitator Notes to document the participants' progress
  • An e-Facilitator homepage with access to participants' recent activities
  • An At-a-Glance summary for participants and facilitators to chart progress through the program