e-Career Development

e-Career services offer a new way to work with your clients and students.

Different than self-directed websites, our facilitated online approach emphasizes a collaborative relationship between participant and facilitator. Featuring interactive materials, reflective activities and a dedicated counseling space, our e-Career services provide a high touch experience that produces results!

Over the past 10 years, Training Innovations has researched and developed effective methodologies for delivering e-Career Development services. With our expertly designed content and easy-to-use technology, we can help you discover the benefits of online career services.

Extend Your Reach
Attract more clients and offer greater flexibility with this cost effective delivery model. Clients participate when their schedule permits - days, evenings or weekends.

A High Touch Experience
Using our virtual learning environment, participants are guided through an interactive process, connecting regularly with their e-Facilitator. We offer a variety of communication tools to promote conversation, dialogue and feedback.

Maximize Individual Attention
Instead of delivering content, facilitators spend their time helping the participant apply new information to their unique situation. This results in a highly personalized and effective delivery model.

Meet the Demand for Online Options
Individuals are seeking flexible online options for education, training and learning. Meet this demand and set yourself apart from your competitors by taking your practice online.