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Our Approach

Assessment - We begin by assessing the learning needs of your team. We engage your organization in a collaborative process that focuses on your company's business goals, identifies your stakeholders, determines a desired return on investment, and evaluates your company's untapped learning potential.

Innovation - We then help you make the link between learning objectives and business goals. We build on existing knowledge and design solutions that incorporate a mix of progressive e-learning tools and traditional training practices that meet the formal and informal learning needs of your workplace community.

Implementation - We prepare an action plan that considers issues of workplace culture, communication, internal champions, and change management. We help you put learning solutions and knowledge management into practice. Our Learning Strategists provide ongoing support and continuous evaluation to ensure that your organization is learning, growing, and meeting your e-Volving business goals.

Accomplishment - Measuring your success is key to driving learning initiatives. We will identify your accomplishments and modify initiatives where needed to ensure you receive your desired return on investment.