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Post by: Sherry or Dave
Organization: West Coast Railway Association
Title: Restoration Technician Apprentices

The West Coast Railway Association is looking for 6 full-time Restoration Technician Apprentices. Positions are for March 24th to August 9th 2003, Monday to Friday 8:30-5.

Apprentices will learn wood and steel restoration techniques and apply them on an important part of Canadian railway history, a 1920's Freight Train, part of the West Coast Railway Heritage Park museum collection, in Squamish.

20 Week Apprenticeship. References and recommendation for future employment will be provided upon successful completion.

Required skills and responsibilities include: General woodworking and carpentry knowledge/experience. Familiarity with power tools. Ability to follow instructions and perform assigned duties with minimum supervision. Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. Ability to interact personably with colleagues, supervisors and the public. Willingness to work outdoors, on a stepladder, or short scaffolding. Steel fabrication, sheet metal, welding and painting experience an asset.

Wages are $826.00 every two weeks.

Must be on EI recipients' benefits. Benefits will be topped up to the maximum weekly EI benefit available, through an HRDC Job Creation Partnership Program Grant.

To apply please call Sherry Elchuk or Dave Thethi at 604-898-9336 to schedule an interview.