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Is an intensive 3 week, fully funded, career development program designed to assist individuals in assessing and re-focusing their skills for success in today's changing economy.

Client Quote

"I take with me a greater understanding of how to reach my goals both personally - I have learned so much about who I am and what I have to offer."

In This Program You Will

ball.gif (1000 bytes) Evaluate your work history
ball.gif (1000 bytes) Complete vocational assessments
ball.gif (1000 bytes) Explore employment trends and education options
ball.gif (1000 bytes) Discover ways to find career satisfaction in the new
ball.gif (1000 bytes) Research employers and "find" the hidden job market
ball.gif (1000 bytes) Recognize and clarify values, interests, motivators and
    transferable skills

Benefits To You

You will generate and research personally satisfying work options with a focus on understanding Canada's changing economy and workplace demands.  Working with our experienced staff, you will access employers, prepare your resume and develop a detailed and realistic plan of action to meet your needs.

We Welcome

All unemployed individuals, regardless of income support.

We Provide

ball.gif (1000 bytes) Friendly and skilled staff
ball.gif (1000 bytes) Bright, spacious environment with coffee and a kitchen
ball.gif (1000 bytes) Binders, pens and paper

For More Information:

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#201 - 3997 Henning Drive
Burnaby, BC  V5C 6N5
Phone:  (604) 298-4757